vCenter server installation and configuration guide

in Previous article we see how to install and configure ESXi server. In this Tutorial we are going to see vCenter server installation and configuration and integrate ESXi server with vCenter server.

Why vCenter server installation

Assume we have 10 ESXi servers installed with vmware ESXi, if you want to create a VM an ESXi one server then you have to login to ESXi one server and Create VM in the same if you want to create an VM in any one of the ESXi host then login to each box and create VM’s and manage VM’s. Think if you have an 20 to 30 ESXi hosts and more than 200 VM’s in them its very difficult to manage.

That’s where vCenter server is very handy to manage multiple ESXi servers and It’s VM’s from one console.

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

  • 64-bit windows 2008 R2 server is required
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 20 GB of Hard Disk space on windows server
  • 2 Core CPU
  • One Service Account

vCenter server installation process

Download vCenter Server ISO image and burn into the DVD Or Make bootable pen drive

  1.  Insert the DVD into DVD drive to install vCenter server 6.0
  2. Right click on DVD drive then click on “Install or Run program” (OR) Open the DVD and run the “autorun.exe” file
  3. After running the program vmware vCenter installer console will be opened
  4. On vmware vCenter installer windows →Select the “vCenter Server for Windows” object under the “vmware vCenter server” option. Click on “Install” button

vcenter server installation and configuration guide

  1. on “welcome to the vmware vCenter server 6.0 Installer” window, click on “Next” to continue

2-Vmware vCenter Server

3-License Agreement

Accept License agreement and click Next to continue

4-Deployment Type

select “Install vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller”

click Next

5-System Network Name

Enter your host name and click Next

6-Single-sign-on configuration

To enable single-sign on option provide your domain name Administrator Credentials then click Next

7-vCenter Server Service Account

If you have an Domain service account credentials then enter the service account details. You can also use local administrator account to authenticate

8-Database Settings

Use an Embedded Database then click Next

9-Port Configuration

Leave the default port numbers (Do not change any port number) click Next

10-Destination Folder

Select Destination Folder to install vCenter files (if you want to change / install vcenter application in other than C Drive then change location by clicking on Change button)

click Next

11-Ready to install

Now verify all the Detail what you have selected in above steps If all correct then click Install 

12-Installation Progress

Installation is in progress

13-Setup Completed

Click on Launch vSphere web client then Click Finish

14-Web Client Login

Provide Service Account credentials to login to web client

15-First look of vCenter

After successfulll installation of vCenter web client above is the first screen which will appear

That’s it. vCenter Server installation and configuration completed

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  1. i want to make one pc as vmware server and access virtual machine in lan using web browser please help me

  2. blank Kapil Bains says:

    I am getting alert on my esxi host attached in V centre Server
    Host memory status
    11-06-2016 04:49:36
    Also The Memory in esxi hots is showing to be
    Total : 262019.8
    System:384.8 MB
    Virtual Machines: 261635MB
    Please suggest how and what action shall I take on this?

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    Thank You.

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    Thanks for the detailed steps…

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    I have been reading this site sice few months and I like the way you have presented all relevant information in understandable manner.

  6. blank Dharmapada says:

    I want to install esxi or kvm on ubuntu 16.04 ltscan guide me step by step..

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