Netapp Certified Storage Associate Video Tutorial

NetAapp Certified Storage Associate ( NCSA NSO Р145 ) Video Tutorial. 

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Netapp Certified Storage Associate ( NCSA NS0-145 ) – Video Tutorial

1. NCSA Course Intro – Netapp Certified
2. Introduction to Data Storage
3. DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN
4. Exciting New Storage Technologies
5. Server Virtualization
6. Data Networks Fundamentals
7. Cloud Fundamentals
8. Scared of the Cloud?
9. Introducing Flash Storage
10. Flash Storage Components and Performance
11. Solid State Technologies
12. Flash Endurance
13. Major Industry Trends Per NetApp
14. OnCommand Management Software
15. Clustered Data ONTAP
16. Data ONTAP 7-Mode
17. NetApp Hardware Basics
18. FAS2500
20. Other NetApp Portfolio Products
21. Connecting with System Manager
22. Using the CLI
23. Creating Aggregates
24. Flash Pools
25. Creating FlexVols
26. Creating Qtrees
27. Calculating Usable Disk Space
28. Creating and Managing SnapShot Copies
29. Network Administration
30. Creating LUNs
31. Using SnapDrive
32. NFS Exports and CIFS Shares
33. Using BranchCache
34. Using Quotas
35. Role Based Access Control
36. Storage System Maintenance
37. Storage Space Management
38. Clustered Data ONTAP Concepts
39. Clustered Data ONTAP User Interfaces
40. Clustered Volumes and Namespaces
41. Clustered File Access
42. Clustered Load Balancing
43. SAN Infrastructure