Linux Self Assessment Interview Questions and Answers

This is the very basic Linux self assessment Interview questions and answers. The thing is do not look anywhere in internet or other sources for answers, answer genuinely comment your answers.

Linux Self Assessment Interview Questions

A. What happens if I type TAB-TAB?

1. Jumps to the end of the command line

2. Auto completes commands

3. Jumps to the beginning of the command line

4. same as ‘logout’ or ‘exit’

5. Lists available commands

6. Auto completes path

B. Which command(s) is/are used to get help about a command in Linux?

1. info

2. man

3. None of These

4. Both A and B

C.  Which command is used to get the kernel version in Linux?

1. uname -r

2. kernel

3. uname -s

4. uname -n

D. Which command(s) is/are used to remove directory in Linux?

1. rm -r

2. rmdir

3. del

4. Both A and B

5. None of the above

E. Which command is used to list all the files in your current directory (including hidden)?

1. ls -i

2. ls -a

3. ls -l

4. ls -t

F. Check mark all commands used to create files in Linux?

1. echo > file.txt

2. touch file.txt

3. cat > file.txt

4. tee file.txt

G. In Linux everything stored as a…

1. file

2. directory

3. executable

4. None of the above

H. Which combination of keys is used to exit from terminal?

1. CTRL + D

2. CTRL + T

3. CTRL + C

4. CTRL + A

I. What is the UID of the root user?

1. 100

2. 0

3. 99

4. 256

J. Explain the following command: dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda2 bs=1M 

1. Writes the contents of the second hard drive to a random device using 1MB chunks

2. Using random data to create a partition on your hard drive

3. Writes random data to the entire local drive using 1MB chunks

4. Writes random data to the second partition of the local drive using 1MB chunks

5. I don’t know

6. Blanks the entire hard drive in your system

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  1. Dinesh babu says:

    A.5 B.4 C.1 D.4 E.2 F.123 G.1 H.3 I.2 J.4

  2. Balaji G says:

    How to collect entire hardware logs and configuration status from Cent OS server for Dell PowerEdge R10

  3. blank AjiAhamed says:

    A5, B4, C1, D4, E2, F1234, G1, H1, I2, J4

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