Linux Foundation Course LFS101 Introduction to Linux Outline

The Linux foundation Course LFS101 Introduction to Linux Outline, Since its inception in 1991, Linux has grown to become a major force in computing – powering everything from the New York Stock Exchange, to mobile phones, supercomputers, and consumer devices.

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit organization that sponsors the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. It was founded in 2000 and its mission is to promote, protect, and advance Linux. The Linux Foundation is supported by leading technology companies and thousands of individual members from around the world and marshalls the resources of its members and the open source development community to ensure that Linux remains free and technically advanced.

Linux Foundation Course ( LFS101 ) Introduction to Linux content Outline

  • Introduction to Linux / History of Linux
  • Know More Linux Distributions and Few Names
  • Linux file System Basics
  • Linux Boot Process
  • Linux Operating system Installation process
  • Session Management, Login, Logout, Hybernet, Suspending, Restart and Shutdown Operating System using GUI interface
  • Basic Operations, Creating Files/Directories, Edit files and writing data using GUI tools
  • Understanding Graphical Desktop Environment
  • System Configuration using GUI, Setting up Display, Date and Time Settings
  • Understating Network configuration, Wired and Wireless
  • Installing and Updating Software Packages
  • Getting Help from GUI documentation and command Line tools
  • Man Pages reading and Help commands
  • Introduction to command Line Interface
  • Basic Commands, cd, mkdir, cat, touch, ls, echo, man, rm and exit
  • Searching for files and directories
  • Working with files, head, tail, cat, less and tac
  • Working with different package management systems
  • Understanding Filesystem Hierarchy standard
  • Comparing Files and File types
  • Archiving and Compressing Data (E.g. tar and zip)
  • User Administration, Creating, Modifying and Deleting users
  • Environment variables
  • Working with history and managing history effectively
  • Creating and managing command aliases
  • File permissions
  • Basic file editors
  • Advanced file editors
  • Understanding Linux Security
  • Understanding root and sudo importance
  • Password Management
  • Securing Boot process
  • Introduction to Networking, Network configuration files
  • Understanding IP address classification
  • Copying files in between Servers
  • File Transfer protocol, FTP server and client
  • Manipulating text using sed and awk
  • Grep text using grep command
  • Printing server configuration, CUPS
  • Understanding PostScript and PDF files
  • Basic Shell scripting
  • Advanced shell scripting
  • Script debugging skills
  • Foreground and background processes
  • Scheduling future jobs using crontab and at
  • Common applications to use, Productivity tools and Multimedia applications


Linux Foundation Course ( LFS101 ) will give you an complete idea about Linux, After this course you can work an any distribution comfortably. Recommended for Linux learners.

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