Bash Scripting Video Tutorial for Beginners

Bash Scripting is method to automate regular boring stuff. Bash scripting is a simple commands executing them in correct sequence. Write the commands in sequence to do your work and execute the file using sh or or source in layman term it is bash scripting.

what is bash scripting..?

Scripting is a group commands written in a sequence to automate regular boring stuff.

To write bash scripts we have to use Bang! (#!/bin/bash) first line of the script, which is called bash shell path to execute the script using bash.

How to check Bash path..?

We have to use which / whereis commands to identify the bash path.

[user@rhel7 ~]$ which bash

[user@rhel7 ~]$ whereis bash
bash: /usr/bin/bash /usr/share/man/man1/bash.1.gz

what is bash ..?

Bash is a “UNIX shell”: a command-line interface for interacting with the kernel.

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