LDAP client configuration with autofs home directories


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  1. Sreejith says:

    hi urgent help after configuring the ldap server i configured client centos but the problem is client root user can switch to ldapuser and can able to login but i cant able to get to login directly from client shows authentication error i tried the password via ssh it gets login and i can get user detail by getent passwd .but cant able to login . please help me

  2. Gopi Kumar says:

    hi , i configured OpenLDAP server and created some of the users , i can access the user account through the Terminal in the Client Machine but the users are not logged in the Client via Gnome , please help me log in the users through the Gnome

  3. mkumarjha says:

    Hi kindly share article on primary/secondary ldap

  4. omer abdalaziz says:

    hello friend , I am hving this problem also I get user home and information and i can login from root client to any ldap user but from that ldap user to another ldap user it get me authentication failure and I can not login from Gnome after reboot I got users but the authentication failure also I was trying before one month until this moment it didn’t work I don’t know what is the problem it will make me crazy

  5. swogat says:

    really good tutorial for ldap configuration.
    Can you post the php authentication and other usages of ldap

  6. Rajeswari P says:

    but we want to fetch the users home directories directly from LDAP server without updating /etc/auto.ldapuser file
    how do we do that

  7. isuru says:

    woow. this is very clear and understandable . thank you very much

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