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Recently we have purchased new POD licenses from brocade. They provided us the certificate with key details. However the certificate do not latest instructions how to activate/generate License key using transaction key.  Ceritificate says go to however which does not work. Let’s see How to Generate License Key From Transaction Key Brocade SAN Switch.

How To Generate License key from transaction key Brocade

brocade login

brocade login

Click on Login then login with your registered account. If you do not have account register first then login

Brocade Customer Portal

Support and Services –> Documents, Downloads and Support –> Customer Support Portal

Brocade Products

Click on Brocade Products

Brocade Licensing

Click on Licensing. It will redirect to below URL in new window


Brocade License Generation

As shown in above screenshot it will ask for Transaction Key which you got in brocade certificate, Enter that key then Click Next

Then next step it will ask for Brocade SAN Switch ID. You can get the same using licenseidshow command.

Login to Brocade SAN switch with admin or root account then type below command

SANSwitch01:GID228:root> licenseidshow

Then click on next

License Generated

After successful generation of License key you will get as shown in above screenshot

Click on License Blue link it will show you the license key

Login back to SAN switch then use below command to activate

licenseadd <Key>

Then do below steps to bring up the ports, if the license is new or first time

portdisable <port Number> or <port range>

Example: portdisable 36-47

portenable <port Number> or <port range>

Example: portenable 36-47

Before License


36 36 013400 id N16 No_Sync FC (No POD License) Disabled
37 37 013500 id N16 No_Sync FC (No POD License) Disabled
38 38 013600 id N16 No_Light FC (No POD License) Disabled
39 39 013700 id N16 No_Light FC (No POD License) Disabled

After enabling License

  38  38   013600   id    N16      No_Light    FC
  39  39   013700   id    N16      No_Light    FC
  40  40   013800   id    N16      No_Light    FC
  41  41   013900   id    N16      No_Light    FC
  42  42   013a00   id    N16      Online      FC  F-Port 
  43  43   013b00   id    N16      Online      FC  F-Port 
  44  44   013c00   id    N8       Online      FC  F-Port 
  45  45   013d00   id    N16      No_Light    FC
  46  46   013e00   id    N16      No_Light    FC
  47  47   013f00   id    N16      No_Light    FC

Release the license from port 7.

Note: Before you can re-assign a license, disable and ensure the port is offline and release the license.

switch:admin> portdisable 7
switch:admin> licenseport --release 7
switch:admin> licenseport --release 7

Reserving a port license

Reserving a license for a port assigns a POD license to that port whether the port is online or offline.

switch:admin> licenseport --reserve 7
switch:admin> licenseport --reserve 7

Run the portShow command to ensure the port is licensed.

Enable the port by running the portEnable <portnumber> command

That’s it about Generate License Key from Transaction Key Brocade.

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Thanks for your wonderful Support and Encouragement


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