Install and Configure NTP server and client in RHEL 7


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  1. blank Rainer S. says:

    Shift-g in vim to go to the end, not Ctrl-g

  2. The configuration aspects in the article are fairly well done. However, I found the ntpd/chrony aspect confusingly handled.

    Both ntpd and chrony are software packages implementing the NTP protocol, and both can serve as an NTP client and NTP server. As such, I’m not sure why you elected to use ntpd for the server-side component, and chrony for the client-side. The RHEL/CentOS default time software with RHEL/CentOS 7 is chrony. Additionally, although both packages were used, the article didn’t make it clear that there were two different pieces of software being used, or explain why it was done that way.

    • I understand your concern Christopher, I have added chrony client side configuration because some of the users they may not have GUI interface to do above steps. Ofcourse if you do from /etc/ntpd.conf OR /etc/chrony.conf are same.

  3. blank Glenn says:

    I think if you are ONLY configuring the client, you should start chronyd, (not ntpd)

  4. blank IQBAL SHAIKH says:

    Excellent information, good stuff

  5. blank Lili Hunag says:

    it works, thank you for the information

  6. blank David says:

    Under Allow NTP protocol to communicate with clients, you list this line for the firewall. Should it be udp instead of tcp?

    [root@TechTutorials ~]# firewall-cmd –permanent –add-port=123/tcp

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