Monthly Archive: January 2018

32 yum command examples 0

32 Yum Command Examples Part 2 – Very Useful

In our previous part of this article, we covered the basic and most common uses of the yum package management tool like installing and removing software. In this article, we will continue our coverage...

snapdrive netapp application 0

Snapdrive Disk Connect Using Batch Script NetApp

As we know snapdrive command line utility will provide a lot of features which snapdrive MMC may not have.  In this article will see how to connect snapshot using snapdrive disk connect command line...

Partial giveback Cluster Mode Netapp 0

Partial Giveback Cluster Mode NetApp How To Resolve.?

As we know most of the NetApp Cluster Mode operation are Non-Disruptive like moving volume, migrating LIF’s so an.  Manual takeover, giveback will also non-disruptive task. We would like to execute an manual takeover...