One Linux Tutorial Illiterate Become An Expert At Weeks Time

If your Looking for an Linux Tutorial, start learning from scratch you are in correct place. This Page is the central linking to learn/navigate to required articles. That’s why i say One Linux Tutorial Illiterate Become An Expert At Weeks Time. Are you ready to rock..!!

RHEL 5/6 Tutorial Step by step Guide PDF Download this guide for older versions

One Linux Tutorial

Basically what you should learn to survive in current industry from Linux prospective is very simple. Understand What is Linux Operating System, How Linux works, Basic Linux commands to create, delete, move files and directories. Directory structure (File System Hierarchy). Linux Operating System Installation using CD/DVD and also from Network Installation (Kickstart / PXE Boot). A Few Text Editors to Create/Edit/Modify Configuration Files.

User Administration to Create / Modify and Remove Users and Groups. File Linking what is soft link and hard link. Process Management (How process is running and managing them). Understanding of System Utilization and analyzing performance using top command. Locating / Searching Files and Directories. Copying Files from One server to another server using scp command. Scheduling future tasks (Automatic execution of scripts). Create File Systems, Mounting them, increasing/decreasing based on requirement.

LVM (Logical Volume Manager), Installing, Updating, Removing and Upgrading Red Hat Packages (RPM), Configuring IPv4 Networking assigning IP Address, Network Teaming/Bonding Disk Management quota’s, Finally A few Servers Like NFS, SMB (Samba), FTP, Web Server (HTTP / HTTPS), iSCSI Server, MariaDB Or MySQL, SysLog Server, NTP Server, DHCP and DNS.

When you see all of the above so many things..!!! but eventually you feel like so easy just follow all below provide links one by one Linux tutorial.

Requirements for Learning Linux

  • One Computer/Laptop with at least 6GB RAM, Dual Core Processor, 250GB HDD and VT (Virtualization Technology) Enabled
  • VMware Workstation Or Oracle virtual Box Software
  • Download RHEL ISO
  • Intention to Learn / Spending time

Now Your Almost ready with required things follow below topics one by one Linux tutorial

 Introduction To Linux Tutorial Operating System

 ls Command with 25 Practical Examples

 Installing Linux Operating System Step by Step Guide (RHEL 7.3)

 Installing and Configuring IPA Server for Linux Lab Setup at Home

 Creating and Managing Files & Directories From CLI

 25 Linux Basic Commands you must Learn

 Get Help From Command Line Interface ( Whatis, Whereis, Man, Help, Info and –help )

 Edit, View Text Files Using Nano Text Editor

 Linux Directory Structure (File System Hierarchy)

 User Administration Create, Modify and Remove Users and Groups

 Controlling Services and Daemons Systemctl

 IPv4 Linux Networking 

 SSH Server Installation in RHEL 7 / Centos 7

 Listing and Managing Linux Processes

 Prioritize Process Execution

 Syslog Server and Client configuration

 Archiving and Compressing Files Using tar and zip Commands

 Copying Files and Directories from One Server to Another Server

 Local YUM Server Configuration RHEL 7

One Linux Tutorial Illiterate Become An Expert

 Configuring Centralized YUM Repository Using FTP / HTTP

 FTP Server Installation and Configuration VSFTPD

 Searching files and directories using find command

 Managing of physical storage – Creating Standard Partitions

 Creating and Managing LVM’s – Logical Volume Manager

 ACL – Access Control List in RHEL 7

 Scheduling of future Linux tasks using at and Crontab

 Deep Dive into Crontab in Linux Tutorial

 SELinux Overview

 NFS Server and Client in RHEL 7

 Firewalld / Iptables – configuring and managing rules

 Securing the NFS using kerberos 

 Adding server as LDAP client

 Samba Server Installation and Configuration Step by Step Guide

 Samba Multi-user Access Shares

 Using Virtualized systems – Kernel-Based Virtual Machines

Major Part Linux Tutorial You have Completed by Reading Above Content Just Few Steps to Complete One Linux Tutorial You will become an Expert.

Continue One Linux Tutorial

 Automated OS installation – Using PXE Boot Server

 OS Installation Through Auto Answer File

 Linux booting process Ultimate Guide

 Recovering forgotten root password Method-1

 Reset forgotten root password method-2 

  MariaDB Installation and Configuration

 Using regular expressions with grep command

 DHCP Server Configuration RHEL 7 Tutorial

 MAC Address Reservation – MAC Binding DHCP

 Master DNS server RHEL 7 Tutorial

 Web / Httpd/ Apache Server RHEL 7

 Making secure web server (https) SSL enabled web server

 Time synchronizing using NTP server and client

 Perform simple SQL queries against a database

 iSCSI Server to Convert Linux Machine Like SAN Storage

 Use network teaming or bonding to configure aggregated network links


Take decent time but don’t miss even single article reading from above links, If you read all one by one you will definitely become an expert. From my experiences i am saying Don’t simply read do practice until your confident on the topic if not understanding drop an comment using comment section. 

That’s it One Linux Tutorial

Thanks for your wonderful Support and Encouragement