RHEL 7 Tutorial Managing Files and Directories

In Linux Operating System Everything is considered as a File. If you know Managing Files and Directories Effectively  that way you get more commanding on Operating system. In this Article We are going to learn RHEL 7 Tutorial Managing Files and Directories.

RHEL 7 Tutorial Managing Files and Directories

Creating files and multiple files at a time using touch command, let’s see practical examples

[root@ArkIT touch]#touch samplefile

[root@ArkIT touch]#touch file{1..10}.txt

Listing the files and directories using ls command

25 practical examples with ls command

Types of Files in Linux

File Type Symbol Description
Regular file Normal File
Directory d Directory can be stored with other files
Link l Shortcut to the original file
Special File c /dev file. Character device file
Socket File s The file system’s access control
Pipe p Special file that allows processes to communicate
Block File b Block Device File

Creating directories and parent directory structure using single command

# mkdir dir1

# mkdir -p /dir2/ravi/test

Copy files source to destination

cp is the command to copy the files

# cp anaconda-ks.cfg ravi wel /dir2/
cp: overwrite ‘/dir2/ravi’? y
cp: cannot overwrite directory ‘/dir2/ravi’ with non-directory

Copy Directories

# cp -Rv dir1/ /dir2/
‘dir1/’ -> ‘/dir2/dir1’

Move Files and Directories

Using mv command we can simple move files / directories from source to destination

# mv dir1/ /dir2/
mv: overwrite ‘/dir2/dir1’? y

# ls /dir2/
anaconda-ks.cfg dir1 ravi wel

Deleting files and directories 

rm is the command to remove / delete files and directories

# rm ravi
rm: remove regular file ‘ravi’? y
# rm -f wel
# rm -f touch/
rm: cannot remove ‘touch/’: Is a directory
# rm -rf touch/

That’s about RHEL 7 Tutorial Managing Files and Directories.

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