Top 20 Whatsapp Tricks & Tips You Never Know

Almost all the people in the world using whatsapp application to share / connect / doing best job. Hello! Every one we are providing 20 whatsapp tips and tricks,which tips are used as save your time and Improve whatsapp Skills, lets see Top 20 Whatsapp Tricks.

20 whatsapp tricks

1. Message Delivery  (In group)

It is used to Know who are seen sent message follow below steps

step 1: Open your whats app group

step 2: Send any message and long press on the message

step 3: You can see in up as in i circle (It is shown in below screen short with red circle) just click on it.

now you can see who seen message and also who not seen message and delivery information also

2) Tag friends

It is used to tag friends in Group, let’s follow steps

step 1 : Open group>type @

step 2 : Now type friend name or contact to tag

step 3 : finally,write the text for your friend what to you what to say

20 whatsapp tricks

3) Write Font in Bold, italic and tide 

To write in bold, you have to write text in between two stars

Example : *7 Hills *

Output : 7 Hills


To write in Italic, you have to write text in between two dashes

Example : _7 Hills_

output : 7 Hills

To write as Tide, you have to write text in between two ~ ~

Example : ~7 Hills~

4) New front

To write as  New front, you have to write text in between ”’    ”’

Example : ”’ 7 Hills ”’

5) Speak to messages text

Step 1:  click on mic (to open ). Always typing is very boring and time consuming process Let’s speak it will type message for you

Step 2: now you have to which you to convert into text

6) Popup – option Direct chat without opening whats app

The popup option is used to direct chat without opening whats app

 Follow settings

Enable / Disable Pop-Up Settings > Notifications > Pop up  > Only when screen off (select which option do you want)

7) Change account number without delete whats app

 Switch one account another account without loosing existing data Settings > Accounts > Change number > Next (you have to type old & new number)


8) One message to all Contacts

It is used as one Message select friends up-to 100 friends

Settings > New Broadcast > Add contacts

9) Starred message

It is use as to save important message (Information)

Type text>Long press on the Message>click on star *>now you can see that information in starred message list

Step 1: Long press on which you want to save in starred message > now press on star, its shows in top up of the window

Step 2 : Now you can see saved message in starred messages

10) Home shortcut chat 

Long press On Contasts >… > Add Shortcut

11) Use whats app in pc or Laptop

Its is very is very useful jobbers

Go to > Scan Barcode (Through mobile )

To Scan web Bar code Settings > Whats app web > Click on +

 It is very simple you can just follow steps

12) Read scripts

Its is used to hide Read (v3) Message(Nobody can see Read messages )

Just Look at Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Read scripts

13) Last seen cut or show

It is used to hide the Last seen

Open Whatsapp Application Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Last seen

14) Save data

It is used to Save mobile data Unmaking the some options

Whats App Settings > Data uses > Un-mark all

15) whats app notifications Block

Used to block the notification when it disturb to you

Go to Mobile Settings > Apps > Show Notifications

16) Typing 22 languages 

This tip is used to Write 22 languages. Whatsapp Support 22 Language keyboard to enter and convert text so that  you can talk in your own Known language

20 whatsapp tricks Play store > Google Indic keyboard >

17) Change background wallpaper

It is used to add wallpapers in background 20 whatsapp tricks

Person > … > Wallpapers

18) Share Location

Share your location to other user so that He / She can easily comes to destination by using google navigation 

Multimedia > Location > Share


19) Share your chat through email 

 20 Whatsapp Tricks Settings > More > Email

20) Z-photo fake for chat

Play with your friends just by sending fake photo and it is very funny try it once

That’s it about top 20 Whatsapp Tricks and Tips You Never Know.

 To know in detailed you can see this Video

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