HowTo Install RHEVH VMware Workstation Home Lab Setup – Part-4

Most of the interested Administrators/Learners would like to practice at home using there own high configuration Workstations/Computers. Already virtualized  environment do you want again enable for virtualization.? is it possible to do so, i say yes we can still do an virtualized virtual machine can be virtualized for installing RHEVH/Hyper-V/VMware ESX/ESXi. Using same method we are going to install RHEVH VMware Workstation Home Lab Setup This is the Part-4 in series of RHEV Tutorial

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Install RHEVH VMware Workstation Home Lab Setup

Very first step is to create Virtual machine using VMware workstation 10.x/11.x/12.x Let’s follow the steps to create Virtual Machine. Installation of VMware Workstation

Click on File and Select NEw Virtual Machine

Click on File and Select NEw Virtual Machine

To Create a Virtual Machine Click on File –> New Virtual Machine

Select Custom and Click Next

Custom Installation required

Select Version Click Next

I will install Operating System Later

Select Other Linux 64 Bit

Here Click Next (Next Screen),

Provide your Virtual Machine and provide the path to store Virtual Disk Click Next

Processor Configuration Select Appropriate Numbers and Click Next

Memory For the Virtual Machine  8GB is Recommended Click Next

Network Type (Preferable is NAT) Click Next

Select I/O Controller Type LSI Logic is Recommended Click Next

Disk type Selection Window Select IDE, Other than IDE can’t be supported for RHEVH Installation in VMware Workstation Click Next In Continuation Select Create New Virtual Machine Disk and Next Screen Provide 100GB of Size for Machine Disk


Disk Space Allocate

Verify the Disk Path and Click Next and Click Finish

Note: Do not Power On the Machine 

Right Click on Virtual Machine –> Click on Settings –> Click on Processor 

Change Processor Settings to Support Virtualization

Now Edit .vmx file in notepad which is created the path you stored the Virtual Disk 

Add below strings to last of the file

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = “FALSE”
mce.enable = “TRUE”
vhu.enable = “TRUE”

Power on Virtual Machine and  Start Installing RHEVH VMware WorkStation

Follow Installation Steps


Enabling VT is only the key point here when you want to run any type of virtualization 

SELinux Policy Error

Thanks for your wonderful Support and Encouragement