Volume Efficiency Policy Run Scheduled De-duplication Jobs Netapp

As part of decreasing storage usage and saving space in storage, we have to enable De-duplication jobs to compress and eliminate duplicate data. Volume efficiency policy the one in Netapp to compress and eliminate duplicate data. By default Netapp cluster mode comes with two policies one is default and another is inline-only.

Keeping performance in mind if you assign default policy to all volumes then your Netapp nodes CPULOAD will go high because all the volumes De-duplication will start at same time and De-duplication will eat few CPU cycles.

How To Create Custom Volume Efficiency Policy Netapp C-Mode

Create Schedules --> Create Policy with schedule --> Assign to Volume


On the cluster mode console click on protection –> Schedules

Create Schedule

Create Schedule

Click on Create and provide the values

  • Basic – It’s an straight forward schedule, Daily or particular days particular time you can provide
  • Interval – If you want to repeat schedule at every certain period use this option
  • Advanced – Is an schedule to run on particular month, day, date, hour and minute

Create Schedule interval

Advanced schedule

Create your schedules based on your requirement.

Create Efficiency Policy

Go to SVMs -> SVM Settings -> Efficiency Policies -> Add

Add Efficiency Policy NetApp

Provide Policy Name – Select Schedule which you have created click on Add

Your Efficiency policy is almost ready

Particular SVM -> Volumes -> Select Volume -> Click Edit

Assign Efficiency Policy to volume

As shown in above screenshot click on Choose and select Volume Efficiency Policy and Save and Close

That’s it you just created volume efficiency policy in Netapp cluster mode and assigned to volume.

How To Delete Volume Efficiency Policy

First of all verify, what are all volumes mapped to particular policy by using below command

ARK-NA::> sis status
Vserver Volume      State Status Progress               Policy
---------- ---------------- --------- ----------- ------------------ ----------
CIFS-SVM CIFS_Apps Enabled     Idle Idle for 03:04:28   Daily2am
CIFS-SVM CIFS_IT   Enabled     Idle Idle for 03:04:14   Daily2am

Use either volume efficiency modify to change the policy or use GUI options to remove the policy from all associated volumes

Note: Policy Can’t be deleted until associated volumes are removed

ARK-NA::> volume efficiency policy delete -vserver SVM_CIFS -policy test

Policy is deleted


Creating Individual policy for individual volume is a Good practice. Volume efficiency policy Netapp cluster mode is easy to create and manage.

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