Shell Scripting Class 2 Variable tips you need to learn

We will learn shell scripting class 2, To create a variable, put a line in your script that contains the name of the variable followed immediately by an equal sign (“=”). No spaces are allowed. After the equal sign, assign the information you wish to store in variable.

Shell scripting Class 2 Variable rules

  • Names must start with a letter special characters are not allowed.
  • Spaces are not allowed you have to use underscore in place of space.
  • You cannot use punctuation marks.

Variables in Shell Shell Scripting Class 2

To process our data/information, data must be kept in computers RAM memory. RAM memory is divided into small locations, and each location had unique number called memory location/address, which is used to hold our data. Programmer can give a unique name to this memory location/address called memory variable or variable (Its a named storage location that may take different values, but only one at a time).

In Linux (Shell), there are two types of variable:

  1. System variables – Created and maintained by Linux itself. This type of variable defined in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  2. User defined variables (UDV) – Created and maintained by user. This type of variable defined in lower letters.

Variable Example

[root@Techtutorials ~]# sh
What is Your Name..??

[root@Techtutorials ~]# cat
## Shell Scripting Variable
WIYN="What is Your Name..??"
echo "$WIYN"

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