Screen recording (video capturing) in RHEL7 using Krut

Screen recording (video capturing) in RHEL7 using Krut We have so many screen recording software’s but krut screen recording software is very easy to use no need to install just setup java, jar OR jdk that’s you can easily run krut. we can also take an screenshot of multiple monitors (In case if you have multiple monitors connected). We can also record screen recording as a video.

 We can also set an Screen capturing area width and height which is very useful option available in krut software.

About Kurt

Krut has an intuitive and compact interface and boasts the following features

  • Timer-controlled recording
  • Movable recording areas during recording
  • Preview of ongoing recording
  • Optional mouse pointer recording
  • Record/Playback at 2 different frame rates
  • Highly accurate audio-video synchronisation

As it is written in Java and is available as a runnable jar file, it is very easy to use on your Centos 7/RHEL7

Prerequisites to run Krut

Krut is required run java you have install java, jar and jdk.

GUI desktop have to be installed since it is a graphical user mode

Screen recording – Installation Procedure

~]#yum install java*
click on this link to Download Kurt
~]#cd Krut
~]#java -jar krut.jar
Krut recorder - Tech Tutorials

Krut recording screen

click on record button to record the screen

click on the Menu -> Settings

You can change the settings whatever you want.


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