Preparing Linux Server for Nagios monitoring tool

In this article we are going to discuss about the best practice to install an Linux server for nagios monitoring tool. As like regular installation will also work but we will face an issue later an while configuring the nagios alerts, integrating with nagvis and pnp4nagios. Preparing Linux Server for Nagios Monitoring tool

Just remember to follow the below steps to prepare an Linux server for nagios monitoring tool.

Preparing Linux server for Nagios monitoring tool

We have consider below steps to make best nagios monitoring tool implementation

  1. Do not install all packages all are not required
  2. Install Linux server with minimal installation
  3. Do remember to install php, perl, shell, basic tools, snmp, httpd, ssh, tar, wget, python and crond
  4. While installing make a separate partition for /usr/ using LVM (As a default installation location if you considered. if you want to change you also do that )
  5. Create all separate partition for Nagios archive Logs
  6. One important thing is to check version compatibility
  7. Use always stable versions to build production servers

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