Practical grep command tricks Search Millions Of Records

Ankam Ravi Kumar

Working as Linux / Storage Administrator L3. Interested in sharing the knowledge.

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  1. kv says:


    I have records like below in one file

    asd wer(234) hh rty(567) uu
    tyu tgh(456) kk yui(456) oo

    I need to get only data in between braces like–>234 567

    and assign this to one variable for looping please tell me any command.I tried with cut command but it is
    fecthing –> 234) rty(567) (2nd & 4 th fields) from this we have to cut based on charecter please tell me is there any simple command to get data in between braces

  2. Gemma_D says:

    Great info and very useful for me .Thank you very much for sharing it.

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