NFS Exports and CIFS Shares

NFS exports & CIFS shares

NFS Exports and CIFS Shares

NFS Exports and CIFS Shares

What is NFS..?

NFS is a protocol. Network file system which is used to share the directories across the Unix network.

NFS port number 2049


  1. NFS license is required
  2. Create volume
  3. If required create qtree

add license to netapp filer

Netapp> license add <License Number>

check NFS service status

Netapp> nfs status

Switch on NFS service

Netapp> nfs on

Switch off NFS service

 Netapp> nfs off
Adding export configuration
Netapp>exportfs -z /vol/vol2
Netapp>exportfs -p rw=,root= /vol/vol1
Netapp>exportfs -p rw=,root= /vol/vol2

We can also edit using wrfile command ad add the entry

Netapp> wrfile /etc/exports
#shared NFS to entire subnet ###
/vol/vol2 -sec=sys,rw,root=
Press Ctrl+C to Save

CIFS shares creation

Introduction- We can access NetApp volume using CIFS/SMB just like windows share. It is very useful to use NetApp storage in mixed environment of Linux/Windows or on Windows based Products.

Step 1) Creating NetApp volume or use Qtree First we need to create  “/vol/mycifs_share” netapp volume or you can use qtree as well.

Step 2) Change Secuirty style to NTFS

Netapp> qtree security /vol/mycifs_share ntfs 
Mon Nov 02 06:19:08 EDT [Netapp: wafl.quota.sec.change:notice]: security style for /vol/mycifs_share/ changed from unix to ntfs

Step 3) Creating CIFS/Windows Share

I assume that NetApp filer has been joined to AD (Active Directory, LDAP) and CIFS licensed is installed/configured and cifs service is  running on NetApp. Now we will create CIFS share and give permissions to User/Groups…

Netapp> cifs  shares  -add MyShare /vol/mycifs_share -comment “My Test Windows CIFS Share”

The share name ‘MyShare’ will not be accessible by some MS-DOS workstations

Step 4) Give CIFS Share Access


Netapp> cifs access MyShare “MYDOMAIN\USER_OR_GROUP”   “Full Control"
1 share(s) have been successfully modified

NOTE: We can give Full permission ie “Full Control”, Read permission ie “Read”

Step 5) List CIFS

Netapp> cifs shares 
Name         Mount Point                       Description 
—-         ———–                       ———– 
MyShare       /vol/mycifs_share                My Test Windows CIFS Share

Step 6) Access CIFS/Share on Windows or Linux



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