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What is NDMP?

NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) is a standardized network protocol used to enable the backup and recovery of data stored on network-attached storage (NAS) devices or file servers. It was developed by a collaboration of vendors including NetApp, EMC, and others.

The NDMP protocol allows backup software to communicate with the NAS device directly, without the need for the data to be routed through the client’s computer. This reduces the load on the client’s computer and can speed up the backup and recovery process. NDMP also supports incremental backups, which only back up the data that has changed since the last backup was performed.

NDMP provides a standard way for backup software to communicate with NAS devices, regardless of the vendor. This means that backup software from one vendor can be used to back up data on NAS devices from another vendor, as long as both support NDMP.

Overall, NDMP is a widely adopted protocol for efficient and standardized data backup and recovery in NAS environments.

What is Vserver Scope NDMP in NetApp?

Vserver Scope NDMP is a feature of the NDMP protocol that allows backup and recovery of data at the Vserver level in a NetApp storage system.

A Vserver is a logical entity within a NetApp storage system that can provide storage services to multiple clients or applications. With Vserver Scope NDMP, backup and recovery operations can be performed at the Vserver level, which simplifies the backup process and reduces the number of backup jobs needed.

The Vserver Scope NDMP feature allows the backup software to communicate with the NetApp storage system at the Vserver level, rather than having to communicate with each individual volume or file system within the Vserver. This can significantly reduce the overhead of managing and maintaining backup jobs.

Vserver Scope NDMP also provides a way to back up and restore data across multiple storage nodes and clusters within a NetApp storage system, ensuring that data is protected and available even in the event of a storage system failure.

Overall, Vserver Scope NDMP is a powerful feature that streamlines backup and recovery operations in NetApp storage systems, providing greater efficiency and flexibility for backup administrators.


How to Enable VServer scoped NDMP in NetApp

ARKIT-NA::*> vserver services ndmp on -vserver ARKIT-NA

Error: command failed: The operation is not supported because NDMP Vserver-aware mode is disabled.

You mighe see above error message when Node scope is enabled. you have to disable to get ride of error message.

ARKIT-NA::*> system services ndmp node-scope-mode off
NDMP node-scope-mode is disabled.

ARKIT-NA::> system services ndmp node-scope-mode status
NDMP node-scope-mode is disabled.

Below is the command to enable the Vserver-Scope based NDMP to backup all the volumes inside the cluster, since we are enabling the NDMP at cluster level.

ARKIT-NA::*> vserver services ndmp on -vserver ARKIT-NA

ARKIT-NA::*> vserver ndmpd show
VServer Enabled Authentication type
------------- --------- -------------------
ARKIT-NA true challenge
ARKIT_AD_SVM false challenge
ARKIT_BKP_SVM false challenge
ARKIT_ESX_SVM false challenge
ARKIT_FS_SVM false challenge
5 entries were displayed.

Create User Login for NDMP, which is required to add your cluster to backup application

security login create -user-or-group-name ndmp -application ssh -authentication-method password -role admin

Add the protocol to SVM, if SVM does not have protocol allowed it will add.

ARKIT-NA::> vserver show -vserver SVM_CIFS -protocols

Vserver Allowed Protocols Disallowed Protocols
----------- ----------------------- -----------------------
SVM_CIFS nfs, cifs, ndmp fcp, iscsi

ARKIT-NA::> vserver add-protocols -vserver SVM_CIFS -protocols ndmp

Now switch on the NDMP service

vserver services ndmp on -vserver ARKIT-NA

Generate the NDMP user password, if you manually add the password which might not work most of the times so you have to auto generate using below command

vserver services ndmp generate-password -vserver SVM_NFS -user ndmp

That’s it. Happy Backup and Recovery.

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