Mounting snapshot using snapdrive

Mounting snapshot using snapdrive A situation that SAN administrator / System administrator will get that user unfortunately deleted his data and he will ask administrator to restore his old data. In this moment we can use snapdrive application to mount a snapshot as a windows drive then ask a user to copy his data.

In this article we are going to see how to mount a snapshot using snapdrive.

Mounting Snapshot Using snapdrive

In a windows server Click on Start → Computer (Right click)→ Manage→ in Computer Management Expand Storage→Expand Snapdrive

As shown in the above screenshot click on +Disks

Select the LUN and expand the LUN – Expand the snapshot copies then select appropriate snapshot (which snapshot you want to use for a recovery of data) Right click on the snapshot

Right click on snapshot and select Connect Disk ..

Click Next

Select the appropriate Filer device Name then select LUN Click on Next

As you can see above screenshot there are two options to select if you select

Dedicated: In a single server you can mount your snapshot as a drive to dedicated server

Shared: Mounting the drive to cluster nodes, this option will  mount the drive in both the cluster nodes

Select Drive Letter to mount a snapshot as a windows partition. We can also mount to particular folder using “Use a Volume Mount Point”. Click Next

See screenshot above, select the initiator Names which one you want to use to map a LUN from Netapp to server either FC channel OR iSCSI. Then click on Next

Select initiator group option how you want to create. Automatic will create an igroup in Netapp Filer and it will map snapshot LUN to that igroup. Manual mode you have to select and create igroup then map LUN. Click Next

As a sample output of Netapp01 Filer console when you click Next it will create an igroup in Netapp01

Click on Finish

As you can see in above screenshot when you click on Finis it will show snapshot mount status..

Disk is mounted to I:/ Drive

Computer Drive I:/

Here mounting of snapshot is Done..!!

We can unmount the snapshot using below process

Click on Start -> Computer -> Right Click and select Manage -> in Computer Management expand +Storage -> Select snapdrive then select the mounted drive

Right click on the mounted drive letter

Click on Disconnect Disk

It will ask you for confirmation to unmount the disk because when you do this action it will destroy the mounted drive.

That’s about Snapdrive snapshot mounting.

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