Linux Learning Path 46 Ultimate Guides to Learn Linux Start as Beginner

Most of the people are trying to learn Linux but they are failing because they did not get all the topics in series. In this article we are going to provide you full and complete Linux Learning Path and Complete Tutorial for RHCSA and RHCE Certification Guide with practically executed with screenshots. Just follow below article / Guides one by one then learn. No need to pay single cent from your pocket, Most of the engineers they are feeling there maybe an different procedures in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 but almost same commands will work in RHEL 7 / Centos 7. 

Start Learning as Beginner and become an expert, Just practice and practice multiple times that’s it you will learn.

Linux Learning Path is very easy

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1. Introduction to Linux
2. Linux Architecture
3. Windows Vs Linux Comparison
4. Bash Shell features
5. Linux Directory Structure
6. Linux Boot Process Detailed explanation
7. Basic and Common Commands
8. All Linux Commands with there description

System Administration Topics

Vi and Vim Text Editors for beginner explained with clear shortcut keys. Logical Volume Manager (LVM) detailed explanation.

9.   Linux Text Editors
10. Linux Operating System Installation
11. User Profile Management
12. User Administration (User Creation, Modification and deletion)
13. Access Control List
14. Head, Sort, Tail, Uniq, Paste, Cut, Tr, Sed and diff commands with examples
15. Soft Link Vs Hard Link
16. Search related commands Grep, find and locate
17. Task Automation using crontab and at
18. File system and Creating Standard partitions
19. Logical Volume Manager (LVM – Part1)
20. Logical Volume Manager (LVM – Part2)
21. Disk quota management
22. RPM / YUM
23. All RAID Levels explained
24. Creating and Managing Software RAID

Advanced System Administration

25. Networking installing and configuring the Network Card
26. Remote Server Management
27. Network File System (NFS)
28. Samba Server (SMB)
29. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
30. Web Server / Apache (HTTPD)
31. Mail Server configuration (SMTP)
32. DHCP Server  installation and configuration
33. DNS Server installation and configuration
34. NIS Server
35. PAM
36. Backup and Restore
37. SQUID Proxy Server
38. VNC Server – Centos
39. Recovering ROOT Password
40. Netapp MPIO installation and configuration in Linux
41. Local YUM Server configuration
42. Kick Start Server installation and configuration
43. Process Management

Interview Questions and Answers

After completion of learning Linux, you have to attend Interview. Below are few Interview questions and answers for you. Enjoy..!!

Part-1 Interview questions and answers
Level-2 Interview questions and answers
Interview questions and answers – Part3

File system error resolution

mount: Argument list too Long

A Book for Linux

Book Linux Hands on Guide

Linux learning path 46 Ultimate Guides to Learn Linux Start as Beginner and become an expert.

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