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AWS – Amazon Web Services will provide 12 months of AWS free tier to see and practice its services. The free tier will expire after 12 months or Usage limits exceeds.

AWS Free Tier Account – Registration

Read these conditions before creating a free tier account.

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud computer EC2 Linux t2.micro 750Hours per month
  • 750 Hours t2.micro windows instance per month
  • 2000 Put requests of Amazon S3 (single PUT Request max 5GB)
  • 20000 Get requests of Amazon S3 (Each request Get request)
  • Amazon RDS MySQL DB instance with t2.micro 5GB storage
  • MSSQL Express version t2.micro with 20GB GP-SSD Free tier


  • Credit card with minimum 1$ available balance
  • Reachable mobile number for verification

Click on 

Create an AWS Account

Fill in the details example is shown above and click continue

Personal AWS Account

Personal AWS Account

Click on the radio button 

  • Professional is for company
  • Personal is for a single person

Fill Payment information

Provide your credit card details correctly, Card Number, Expiry Date, and Card Holder Name

Click on Secure Submit

Phone number verification

It will ask you to enter a phone number, Security check then click on Call Me Now

OTP Verification

You will receive a call from AWS telecommunication and ask you to enter the code displayed on the screen.

Note: Listen to All the Details carefully and proceed by entering the code displayed on the screen.

After successful verification

your identity verified


Select AWS Plan

Select Support plan in this case select Free

Welcome to AWS

You successfully completed Free Tier Account Creation. Login and Enjoy AWS Free Tier.

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