Grouvi Awesome Group Chat App Ultimate Replacement for Whatsapp

Grouvi is the name of mobile application. Technical Group chats and any other group chats, go like awesome because app has ultimate features. In this article we are going to see Grouvi Awesome Group chat App Ultimate replacement for Whatsapp.

What is Grouvi..?

It’s an Application built for group chats. Get instance help which results may not found in Google search. Connecting people together who has same fashion.

Advantages of Grouvi

  • Join to N Number of groups easily by using search option
  • Like Others messages if you agree to other person, No need of repeating the same message again which compress noise
  • Mark message as spam if message is irrelevant to group subject
  • Create your own group and share group URL to multiple people
  • Control group members who send spam to the group by ban (Temporary Ban or Permanent Ban)
  • Use Web Interface for faster and flexible usage
  • Save Messages which are important for you, Later you can refer them
  • Join Using your mobile number, Your mobile number is not visible to anybody on the group (Completely Safe)
  • Group description limited to 500 characters which is very useful to describe your group rules

How to Register with Grouvi for free

Download and install Grouvi app from app store OR use web URL to join.

grouvi group chat app

From Mobile app. Open Mobile app it will ask you to select option to register either Email Address, Facebook Or Mobile Number.

Provide your mobile number it will send access code enter your received access code

That’s it Click on Save you just joined to grouvi.

Group Conversations using Grouvi

Login to grouvi from web interface and make your conversations faster. As shown in Screenshot above you can use magnifying class symbol to search new groups. + plus symbol to create new group.

Grouvi has multiple types of groups

  • Public Group – Which can be visible to the world.
  • Private Group – Can’t be visible to anybody and can’t be found in search results. Group admin permission is required for joining.
  • Local Groups – Local group can be visible local members, which means location based groups.

Message options, reply to message, Save message, Like Message, Forward Message and Mark as Spam.

Grouvi Awesome Group Chat App Conclusion:

It has ultimate features for group chats let’s join and enjoy your conversation. Even Whatsapp does not have these features.

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