FlexVol Volumes, Flex Clones

Flex Volumes

FlexVol Volumes

Flexvol volumes are most flexible volumes, we can decrease and increase volume space yet any given point of time with no impact to the current environment.

Note: Decreasing volume space may loss your data. Not suggestible for production environments  and CRITICAL data.

Root volume

root volume is very important volume which contains all the configuration files for NFS, CIFS, snapmirror and snapvault So an….. If your root volume is full are went offline your filer will not work properly.

Flex Clones

Flex clones are very useful when you want to verify the data integrity between actual data and snapmirror data OR snapshot data. flex clone is an writable volume but its all blocks still pointing to the actual original blocks. Flex clone is also useful when you want to run reports on production environments instead of directly running the reports using production, we can fire a flex clone then we can run a reports on the same.

See the below video tutorial for more in detailed ….





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