Fedora 24 New features and installation guide

The most awaited and awesome fedora 24 version released on 23rd June 2016. Fedora 24 New features improved a lot in all aspects most of the inbuilt application versions came with new amendments such as

  1. Manual Partitioning is enabled with multiple item selection feature
  2. Inbuilt tool to provide ipcalc and ipcalculator for both ipv4 and ipv6
  3. PulseAudio Volume increase and decrease option made available
  4. GNOME GUI version has been updated to 3.2 which will gives you photo editing option without modifying the original one
  5. QGnomePlatform for Qt application is more stable with GTK applications, they perfectly fit into GNOME desktop
  6. Mozilla internet browser version 45 will come along with fedora 24
  7. Alternative browser QupZilla 2 has been provided
  8. Evolution 3.19.91 application is a default in fedora 24 for Email clients
  9. Free LibreOffice 5.1 version available
  10. TeXLive 2015 application to produce high-quality typesetting language designed
  11. New NetworkManager version 1.2 will support IP tunnels, VxLANs and VPN
  12. A good news for the photographers that new version of darktable is included to edit and manage RAW images
  13. Python version 3.5 has been included
  14. Application Mono is available with fedora 24 which will help to develop cross platform Microsoft .Net based applications
  15. Ruby rails 2.3 available
  16. Erlang programming language version 18 is available to build massively scalable soft real-time systems
  17. BBC micro:bit application to write micro-flash utilities, which is more popular in UK for every computer student
  18. Easily building fast and scalable network applications using node.js 5.10 available
  19. To Explore scientific python environment you can also make use of Astronomy spin

Not only above mentioned features it also included lot many brand new features to provide flexibility for all types of users. Let’s see this amazing fedora 24 version installation steps

Download ISO Link

Fedora 24 New features and installation guide

After successful ISO download if it is a Physical machine then write ISO into CD/DVD as bootable media OR USB bootable media. If it is a Virtual Media then map the ISO using virtual DVD drive.

Fedora 24 workstation first boot screen

Make your CD / DVD media as first bootable device then power on your machine, After booting from installation media above first screen will appear then select “Start Fedora-WorkStation-Linux 24” Hit Enter

Fedora Just try Using Live boot or Install to Drive

If you want to try without installing an Fedora Operating system then Click on “Try Fedora”, for installing Operating System Click on “Install to Hard Drive”

Select Language to use

Select language which you want, then Click on Continue

Fedora 24 New features and installation guide

As shown above screenshot we can select Keyboard Language (which you type using keyboard) and select time zone by clicking on “Time & Date” 

Configuring Manual Partitioning

in order to do partitioning click on “Installation Destination “

Creating partitions manually

When you click on “Installation Destination” option you will see above screen then click on “I will configure partitioning” Click on Done

Manual Partitioning

Now “Manual Partitioning” screen will appear as shown above in drop down options three options available

  1. Standard partitioning – Standard partitioning we can do it but later on if you want increase partition space is not possible
  2. LVM partitioning – Logical Volume Manager which is very flexible and most of popular
  3. LVM Thin provisioning – LVM thin provisioning is the best option to utilise the disk space in optimised way

As of now in this demonstration we are going to do partitioning “LVM Thin provisioning”

Click on + symbol to create new partition below is the screenshot where you have to select mount point and provide partition size

Add a new mount point

Repeat above step to create all the required partitions

Required partitions are

  • / (slash)
  • /boot
  • Swap

in reality only / (slash) partition is enough but to separate /boot and swap we have to create them

After adding all the required partitions click done

After creating required partitions Click on Done

Accept Changes to Commit partition structure

As soon as you click on Done it will ask for the confirmation to erase disk and create new partitions Click on “Accept Changes”

Note: if you want to create one more partition then click Cancel you will go back one step

configure Host Name and Network

To assign host name click on “Networking & Host Name” and assign Host name as shown above screen

To Customise Network IP Go here

To assign static IP Address Click on Network icon which is located Right above, click on “Wired Connected” → “Wired Settings”

Popup Network Settings

Click on settings button to assign static IP Address

Assign Manual IP Address

Click on IPV4 and select Manual provide

IP Address
Subnet Mask

Click on Apply

Click on Begin Installation to start installation

Click on “Begin Installation”

Set Root User Password

As soon as Installation Begins we have to set root password which is the highly privileged user to set root password click on ROOT PASSWORD

Set Root User password and confirm password

Password should be 8 characters in length one Upper Case, one numeric character, small characters then click on Done

if you set an weak password you have to click on Done twice

Create New User option

We have to create new user for backup user Click on USER CREATION

New User creating options

Provide Full Name, User Name (Login Name), Password and confirm password.

when you check option “Make this user Administrator” user will be added to wheel group which is Administrator privileges

fedora 24 installation completed Click Quit to reboot

Click on Quit

First Look of Fedora 24 After successful installation

Congratulations.!! You have successfully installed Fedora 24 operating system. Above is the first look.


Fedora 24 built with brand new and awesome features which will help all the types of users. If you want to see more about fedora 24 new features Go here

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