Easy Way To Collect Perfstat Data Netapp Cluster Mode and 7 Mode

Users complain accessing data from CIFS / NFS / FCP protocols are slow, but storage administrator is not sure that which I/O is creating latency / performance issue. Here is an Easy Way To Collect Perfstat Data Netapp Cluster Mode and 7 Mode. 

There are many ways to collect Perfstat data. 

  • From Windows machine using RSH
  • From Linux Machine using SSH
  • Perfstat collector Tool

Download Perfstat Collector Tool

Easy Way To Collect Perfstat Data Netapp Cluster Mode and 7 Mode

Run the Perfstat collector Tool by double clicking on .exe file

Netapp Support Tool Upgrade

It asks for Upgrade current version to next version, but i am more comfortable with this version i am not going to upgrade click No

Perfstat Data Collector for 7 mode and Cluster Mode

Tool contains many features 7 mode data collection, C-Mode data collection, nSANity, FMC Data, FTP Upload and Send Auto Support. Click on Perfstat v7

Perfstat v7 Tool

Note: Based on required collection iterations select one from Perfstat time drop down

Provide required details as shown in above screenshot, you must have administrator access to Netapp controllers. Click Start


Open command prompt, change path (where perfstat7.exe is located) and type below command

perfstat7.exe -f, -t 5 -i 3,0 -l root -S pw:"123456" -F -I -P flat >"2000054865463_perfstat_20170405_1523.out"

Schedule to run Perfstat Collection

Schedule to Collect Perfstat

Completion of Perfstat collection in command prompt it will display the message Done. In the same place from where did you run the Perftstat7.exe file .out file generate there itself

Simply click on FTP Upload to Netapp and Upload the file with case details

Upload out file

That’s it your Performance data collection has been sent to Netapp Support Team.

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