Data migration from 7-mode to C-mode Netapp

Data migration from 7-mode to C-mode Netapp

This is the quick and dirty way for moving a few volumes from NetApp 7-Mode to a Cluster Mode SVM, if you need to migrate a large environment it might be worth engaging professional services and/or using the 7-Mode Transition Tool. In our case we performed hyper-visor storage migration for the VMs, the only thing left was several CIFS shares. For this process to work one needs snapmirror licenses and please note the transition is one way only, from 7-Mode to C-Mode.

After all the prerequisites are in place, we need to create a NetApp Peer Transition. On the cluster CLI execute

Cluster::> vserver peer transition create -local-vserver C_MODE-System -src-filer-name 7_Mode_filer_name
Transition peering created

Create a destination volume on C-mode, note the type –DP.  This is a special volume type for the transition.

Cluster::>volume create –vserver SVM_name -volume volume_name -aggregate aggr_name -size 250GB -type DP
[Job 1801] Job succeeded: Successful

Replace  SVM_name, volume_name, aggr_name and xx as needed

Create an Inter-cluster LIF (this can be done from Server Manager GUI also)

Cluster::>network interface create -vserver CMODE_system -lif node-01-repl -role intercluster -home-node 7MODE_system -home-port a0i -address -netmask

Replace node-01-repl with whatever name make sense for you, assign an interface and fill in the IP and netmask for the network that will be used for replication.

If the C-mode replication LIF and 7-mode IP are on different subnets one need to configure routing.

For 8.3.x use the following command to configure routing

Cluster::>network route create -vserver node-01 -destination -gateway

For 8.2.x use

Cluster::>network routing-groups route create -vserver node-01 -routing-group -destination – gateway

Use the network ping command to verify that you can use the intercluster LIF to ping the 7-Mode system from C-mode.

Cluster::>network ping -lif node-01-repl -lif-owner node-01 -destination 7MODE_system

You should receive 7mode_system is alive

Create a Netapp Snapmirror Relationship using TDP (Transition Relationship)

Cluster::>snapmirror create -source-path 7MODE_system:volume_to_move -destination-path CMODE_System:volume_destination -type TDP

Pay attention, all the commands are case sensitive, use the same hostname or IP you used on the first step when the peer transition was created!

Cluster::>snapmirror show

This should return the relationship we just created.

Initialize Snapmirror

Cluster::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path CMODE_SVM:destination_volume

Tip if you keep a SSH session open to the 7-mode controller, if there are any settings that prevents the snapmirror from initialize, will be listed on the console.

To see the Snapmirror status

Cluster::>snapmirror show

Or we can also filter the output

Cluster::>snapmirror show -destination-path CMODE_SVM:target_volume

Replace CMODE_SVM:target_volume with your specific values

Start incremental replications for the volume we just initialized

Cluster::>snapmirror update -destination-path CMODE_SVM:target_volume

Break the mirror

Cluster::>snapmirror break -destination-path CMODE_SVM:target_volume

Delete the mirror

Cluster::>snapmirror delete -destination-path CMODE_SVM:target_volume

Create the mount point

Cluster::> vol mount -vserver CMODE_SVM  -volume volume -junction-path /volume

In my case I had to use the CLI since the volumes were not visible in the GUI to be mounted, I suspect the 7 to C mode replication for this.

Create the CIFS share and assign share permissions (Remove everyone)

I used the GUI for this.

Disable fixed volume size, this was configured automatically because of the snapmirror replication.

Cluster:> vol modify -vserver CMODE_SVM -volume volume -filesys-size-fixed false

Delete the peer transition

Cluster:>  vserver peer transition delete -local-vserver CMODE_SVM -src-filer-name 7-Mode_System

Transition peering deleted

The above procedure worked for transitioning a CIFS share from Ontap 8.2.2 running in 7-mode to 8.3 storage on Cluster Mode.

Thanks for your wonderful Support and Encouragement