Cheat Command – Create View Interactive Cheat Sheets Command Line

Are you an Linux User.? but you still have fear to remember Linux Commands and there options.  It’s an good news for you No need to remember Linux Commands any more simple use cheat command to create view interactive cheat sheets Command Line Interface. Wow..!! Amazing right. 

Let’s see How to Install Cheat Command

cheat command allows you to create and view interactive cheat sheets on the command-line. It helps users and administrators not to confuse while typing commands. Specially administrator commands are more dangerous some time system may crash if command options/arguments are wrong.

There are 5 command line tools which help but still it’s not an straight forward answer, reading entire content and understanding will take more time

Cheat-Sheets are written in python language, to install cheat command you need to install its dependencies 

# yum install python python-pip -y

In Ubuntu version use below commands

# apt-get install python
# apt-get install python-pip

Download cheat from github

if you get an error git command not found then install git command using below commands

# apt-get install git
# yum install git

Now Clone the Git Repository as shown

# git clone

# cd cheat/
# ls
bin cheat LICENSE licenses man1

cheat command installation error

Manually install dependencies 

$ pip install docopt pygments appdirs

You may receive above error because if your not installing cheat command with existing user, in order to install cheat-sheets using root user use sudo -H option

$ sudo -H pip install cheat
$ pip install cheat


$ python install

View Cheat-Sheets Command Line

Syntax: cheat <cheat-sheet name>

$ cheat ps

cheat ps command

As shown cheat ps command listed best possible options. But how did you know there is ps cheat-sheet available 

List all Available cheat-sheets

$ cheat -l
cheat -l command output

cheat -l command output

First column of screen shot is cheat-sheet name and next column us path of source file

Create Cheat Sheet Linux Command Line

Think if there is no cheat-sheet available which you looking at particularly don’t worry you can even create your own Linux cheat sheet using cheat command to do this first step is adding preferred cheat sheet editor

$ cheat -e arkit
You must set a CHEAT_EDITOR, VISUAL, or EDITOR environment variable in order to create/edit a cheatsheet.

Edit ~/.bashrc using any text editor and add 

export CHEAT_EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim
export CHEATCOLORS=true

Now add commands to Linux cheat sheet then view them using cheatsheet name

$ cheat arkit
Hi This is an Test command line cheat-sheet
$ cat <file Name>

Search Cheat Sheet in Linux

Awesome feature to search for Linux cheat sheets and there available options on the go

$ cheat -s <Search String>


cheat -s cd

cheat sheet search

Directory Path of Stored Cheat Sheets

$ cheat -d

Linux Cheat-Sheets are more useful for regular Linux users and Linux Administrators achieve them simply using cheat command Linux

$ cheat -v
cheat 2.2.0
$ cheat --help

Create and view cheat sheets on the command line.

 cheat <cheatsheet>
 cheat -e <cheatsheet>
 cheat -s <keyword>
 cheat -l
 cheat -d
 cheat -v

 -d --directories List directories on CHEATPATH
 -e --edit Edit cheatsheet
 -l --list List cheatsheets
 -s --search Search cheatsheets for <keyword>
 -v --version Print the version number

That’s it about cheat command – Cheat sheets Linux Command Line Interface

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