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In this article we are going to 17 Linux interview questions and answers asked by one of the top MNC company in interview. for L1 Linux Engineer position.

  1. There are three users Ravi, Shekhar & srikanth you have to give access of ftp, telnet, & ssh to Ravi user, Only ssh to Shekhar user, Only telnet to Srikanth user. How will you configure.
  2. What is Firewall?
  3. What is SELinux, SELinux context?
  4. If you have scheduled a task to be run at 2PM but it has not been executed what will you do?
  5. Tell me boot process?
  6. How will you install packages?
  7. How will you reduce LVM?
  8. How will you extend LVM?
  9. Which files have SUID by default. what is SUID?
  10. Tell me about log management?
  11. If a server is not able to SSH to a client, how will you troubleshoot?
  12. States in Processes?
  13. Tell me about top & ps
  14. How will you check dependencies of packages
  15. What is DNS?
  16. What is DHCP?
  17. Difference between RPM & YUM?

17 Linux Interview Questions and Answers

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